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Bloomy Beloved


meeting with my beloved
her eyes so adored
staring me with her heart
her lips blooming by her soul

After one year
I meet her
time has crazy bear
Her voice I hear

want to touch her soul
I want her all
She knew this all
But she meet in hall

I lost in her eyes
Colleagues call me twice
Eyes on her eyes
Finally breaking this ice

Creative Commons License

– Jigar Makwana
Bloomy Beloved by Jigar Makwana is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Memories of you


I am in memories of you,
for that lovely moment.

 There is lots of love in a way,
In time by time;
Moment of moment,
I lost you in present.

We love each other,
But what shall we do.
The road is endless,
We feel the loneliness.
Because our memories,

In past that we passed way;
Nothing that really comes away.
I don’t know you meet,
But in memories we meet.


~ Jigar Makwana

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 Rainstorm wind blows,
Brain blow wrong thinks.
Wrong way, nothing stays;
Deep silent fades away.
Like a gun shot, when tells you;
Nothing much, then I knew!
What the fall like shooting star,
Ego crash like thunderstorm.

  • – Jigar Makwana
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